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How to live. How to create your future. Recognize the power of your brain and use it


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If you feel that something is wrong with your life. For a long time you have been unsuccessfully looking for the key to happiness and success, this is the best moment to change. Wioletta Wilczyńska, the author of the book “How to live. How to create your future” encourages readers, change their way of life from their own thinking. She convinces us that the knowledge contained in this short, but very meaningful publication, will make you stronger and more aware of your abilities. She encourages us to consistently draw positive conclusions from everything that will happen.

The book acts as a guide, which is designed to help people derive happiness and good energy from every situation. Provided you put the knowledge contained in it into practice, get rid of bad habits and you will start to see new opportunities. Each new day gives you countless opportunities. The author encourages us to concentrate our thoughts on one goal and strive hard for it, which will give quick and expected results.



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